About Us

Want to learn more about Keyword Catcher and what we do? Feel free to read about our product here!

Who Are We?

Keyword Catcher was founded by GHA LTD, that wanted to bring a higher quality, more effective, and much cheaper keyword research tool to the market. After years of using other tools, we wanted to build our own to encompass everything we thought was missing from all the other keyword tools we tried. So, that’s what we did (and keep doing!).

Keyword Catcher was founded by Eliav Lankri, SEO fan since 2003, the owner of GHA LTD, an SEO agency for competitive markets).

How is Keyword Catcher different?

Keyword Catcher automatically chooses the best long-tail keywords that have a high search volume and little competition. These generated keywords can be filtered with our set of unique, effective filters to let you choose the keywords that are perfect for your site.

With Keyword Catcher, you can get detailed monthly search volumes for keywords, letting you see which keywords are growing in popularity! Along with this and our detailed SERP analysis, keyword Catcher generates AI post outlines for each keyword you analyze, letting you get a head-start with your content creation!

What's next for Keyword Catcher?

Every day we are developing and creating new features to make the lives of our users even easier when it comes to content creation, keyword research, SERP analysis, and everything in between! We keep our users updated every step of the way through Twitter and emails, making sure you always get the most out of our product.